To receive the full value of your viewing experience of these portfolios, here are a few suggestions:
Once you click on a portfolio link from the “Artwork” drop-down menu above, be aware that there are three indicators at the bottom of each image.

From left to right:
• A right pointing arrow, starts a slide show…
• A square with “arrow” tips, enlarges the image to full screen…
• An “i” provides information about the image: title, date, special techniques, etc.

In order to get out of the “slideshow” mode, you need to click on the “x” on the top right of the screen. To move from one gallery to the next just click on the appropriate gallery from the dropdown “Artwork” list., below the header.

If you choose to not click on any of those indicators, you can simply move from left to right by using the directional keys on your keyboard. You can also move to other images in that portfolio by using your mouse and clicking your pointer on either the left or right side of an image to move forward or backward.